Research (En)

Synthesis of Polymers and Nanomaterials

We synthesized new amphiphilic random/block polymers having functional moieties including photo-responsive, theremo-responsive and adhesive groups and these synthesized polymers were applied to fabrication of honeycomb films, functional polymer particles, and templates for metal nanoparticles. 

Chemical Communications, 51(18), 3743-3746 (2015) link  

Honeycomb Films and Their Applications

Honeycomb films, which are porous films fabricated by breath figure technique, have been developed. Fabrication processes and applications of honeycomb films such as superhydrophobic surfaces, cell culturing substrates, porous electrodes and so on have been demonstrated.

Soft Matter,10(16), 2741- 2747 (2014)link

Biomaterials Science, 2(1), 52-56 (2014)link

Langmuir, 21(8), 3235-3237 (2005) link

Polymer Particles Prepared by “SORP” 

Self-ORganied Precipitation (SORP) technique, which is our original polymer particle preparation method, allows formation of particles from functional polymers, block copolymers and polymer blends. Furthermore, interior structures of particles can be controlled by phase separation of polymers. Organic-inorganic hybridization realized creation of  functional particles.

Advanced Materials,17(17), 2062-2065 (2005) link

Soft Matter, 4(5), 1302-1305 (2008) link

Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 31(14), 1267-1271 (2010) link

Biomimetic Material Design

Biomimetic or biomimicry is one of the important philosophy to design new materials. We developed various functional materials based on biomimicry concepts.

Advanced Functional Materials, 25(27), 4195-4201 (2015).

Langmuir, 31(3), 959-963 (2015) link

Langmuir, 30(47), 14118-14122 (2014) link

Wold wide collaboration

We collaborate with many other domestic and international research groups including USA, UK, France, Germany, Korea, etc.

If you are interested in these researches, please contact to Prof. H. Yabu.